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Explore the bones of the human skeleton in 3D


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In traditional education most of the people learn about the bones of the human skeleton thanks to the real life skeleton models you can find in the classrooms, but if you don't have one of those models or you are looking for something different, you will be grateful for an application like Esqueleto 3D.

The program shows us, in a three-dimensional way, the most important bones of the human skeleton. They are shown from various angles, some of them quite complicated to achieve in any other way.

The use of the program is quite simple: you only need to press a few keys on your keyboard and use the mouse to get to know every bone in detail. The selected bone will appear differently from the other bones nearby because of the emphasis and the change of color.

In addition, to test the terms you've learned, Esqueleto 3D includes an examination mode where you will be asked about everything you've learned while using the program.

The test version only shows the following bones:

Xiphoid process
Atlas (1st cervical vertebra)
Axis (2nd cervical vertebra)
Upper canine teeth
Lower canine teeth
Rib cartilage
Collar bone
False ribs

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